8 BEST Keywords Explore Tools For SEO

These wonderful tools have helped my organic trading grow 28.55% year over year!

Backlink – increase traffic

In this guide, I find the world’s best tools.

…and help me choose the best.

8 Best Research Tools

1. Soovle

List of keywords from several platforms and sources.

Soovle gives you ideas for keywords from Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon and more.

all in one place.

So I didn’t know how to find keywords without technical experience.


My Favorite Feature: Savings

You can easily save your favorite keyword ideas with the Soovle “Dragon Ball & Drop” feature.

Then, click on your favorite keywords in the CSV file.

Brian's bottom line


Soovle is the best free keyword research tool out there.

2. Jaaxy

Get thousands of keyword concepts in seconds.

This tool is direct.

What makes Jaaxy so unique?

First, he proposes many other things;

in some you can’t find it in many other media.

Plus, effective information about every keyword that it generates (including competition, search volume and potential traffic).

Jaaxy – “keto diet” event

My Favorite Feature: QSR

QSR stands for “Wind”.

This expression is a way of saying “How many other pages are you trying to collect under this name?”

Simply put this number below and improve to #1.

Jaaxy – QSR

Brian's bottom line


Jaaxy freemium is a decent tool. Not nearly as good as somewhat like SEMrush or Ahrefs. But over $50/month is not a lot.

3. Google Search Console

Hundreds of “Occasion Keywords” have been found.

Google Search Console is not a keyword tool.

But CINCH has a feature where you can find new things.


In the author’s chronicle.

This report lists the pages on your site that obtain the most clicks from Google.

(and the exact keywords that you got here)

How do you use this feature for keyword searching?

It is easy to find “Fitness Keywords”.

Keywords are the option where you count between #8-#20 in Google for a specified keyword.

And with a little extra SEO on your page, you can find yourself with a nice ranking boost.

For example, my average rankings for keyword “SEO tool” is 6.2.

“Seo tool” SERP – Average position

The keyword is the opportunity keyword. And if our website is an “SEO tool”, I will reach the finish line.

My Favorite Feature: Google Analytics + Google Search Console

Can you connect to Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts?

You can do well.

4. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Make smarter keyword decisions.

Ahrefs recently developed a new and improved “Keywords Explorer”.

The thing I like most about Keyword Explorer is:

It provides you in-depth information on each keyword.

Fixed data that you expect (like a search volume). Also check the shipwreck of the first page of the battle, and how it was attempted.

Ahrefs – Keyword Overview – “link building”

My Favorite Feature: Keyword Difficulty

Most keyword search tools provide difficulty info (such as “easy” or “difficult” or “like” 89/100).

But Ahrefs tells you EXACTLY how many links you need to place on the first Google page.

Keyword Difficulty – Link building


Brian's bottom line


Ahrefs is best known for backlink analysis. But I have to say, keyword research got killer tool. I find myself enjoying it more and more every week.

5. SECockpit

Keyword research SEO pros.

This is the Swiss Army tool, keyword research tool.

Just like any other keyword tool, you create the seed keyword SECockpit … and create a list of items.

What SECockpit does is unique, with its built-in characteristics, which allow great depth in trends, research, competitive, organizational, and market evaluation experiences.

This is the best professional SEO tool.

Certainly new elements can achieve value from this tool. But there is no doubt that SECockpit is targeted for sleeping, eating and breathing SEO.

If you are new to SEO, go down the simple steps with this tool. But if you look for lots and lots of depth, perhaps you’ll have money.

See how he does this.

When you login, you will repeatedly go to your Dashboard, where you can produce projects with the highest keywords… or you can jump right into one search.

Secockpit – Dashboard

To start the keyword search process, click on “Start a Keyword Search”:


Uncheck the keyword in the field and write “Keyword Phrase”:


You can pick up more results by choosing to include Google Platforms, Search Related and Google Remote


When you’re done, click “Save and Lock” and show the device:


This is the word that you will have


If you’re using Google Keyword Planner, this information should look familiar to you.

In fact, the columns “phrase”, “monthly research” and “CPC” are drawn directly from GKP;

Chapter -6-flow column highlights

(The only difference is that CPC is called “Top of the page bid” in GKP)

So: what other data in SECockpit means?

Under the green button in the column “Niche” you will see the top


This bar is the only metric that can be viewed on the first page of competitions, monthly research volume, and commercial design. The question then is whether choice is good. The bigger the market, the better the keyword.

Brian's bottom line


Clunky? Yes. Intuitive? Heck no. Feature-rich? Absolutely. If you’re older and don’t have a learning curve, be sure to see SECockpit

6. Google Keyword Planner

Tap into a large keyword database.

GKP is pretty vanilla with many other media keywords.

So why do you use it?

Because the information you receive comes directly from Google.

(read as you know)

“Build a link” Keyword Planner for Google product page

My Favorite Feature: “Top of page bid”

This is the number of advertisers in keyword ordering.

For example, if you see $10 number of pages, you spend an average of a hundred dollars per click.

It is clear that the higher the number, the more attentive the researcher is.

Google Keyword Planner – Top of page bid

Brian's bottom line


The data on GKP is the most consistent out there. That said, what Google is trying to use in SEO can be deceiving. This Google Keyword Planner Guide shows you how to use GKP for SEO-focused keyword research.

7. KeywordTool.io

Phasellus in iaculis nibh.

This is another smart Google suggestion (like UberSuggest and Soovle).

What makes KeywordTool unique?

there are two

First off, KeywordTool gives a lot of keyword suggestions.

KeywordTool.io – “seo” search results

For example: I just searched for “SEO”… and I noticed 1,394 other items.

You’re not bad.

Secondly, you can easily expand the analysis or increase your search results to find the right keywords for you.

KeywordTool – Filtering

My Favorite Feature: Analyze Competitors

This feature is very cool because many other search tools can’t see your keywords.

Just enter your competitor’s site… and the tool will generate a list of keyword concepts contained in that site.

For example, when the Backlink tool pop up, think about something else.

SEO and “blog”)

KeywordTool – Analyze competitors

But I also break down words that I don’t use anywhere, but I write more precisely in style.

(such as “digital marketing” and “how to check backlinks”)

KeywordTool – Untapped words

Brian's bottom line


One of the best overall keyword study tools on the market. It’s worth the effort.

8. Moz Keyword Explorer

Find the keywords that will generate the largest number of transactions.

Moz Keyword Explorer does an awesome job of finding “bricks” keyword ideas.

For example, choose a keyword like “weight loss”.

Like most other tools, you have a list of things:

Moz – “weight loss” search

But that’s just pain.

Here are just typing suggestions that you won’t find anywhere else.

Moz – Out of the box keywords

My Favorite Feature: “Organic CTR” and “Priority”

These two awesome lines make sure you know how many clicks you can expect from your broom nails.

Moz – Organic CTR

Organic CTR is the number that you expect to achieve a higher level of reflection 10. For example, if you have a ton of PPC SERP messages, events, and graphs recorded, your CTR is now low.

Priority takesCTR: Search volume and difficulty in logic. The common “height” is the number that you target for a particular keyword you need.

Moz – Priority

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