10 Best Video Games Of 2022

They led many deserters into prodigious, tumultuous, and often horrendous games: veterans, veterans, veterans, generals after the sun’s rise, or those who at first feared seeking a new safe route. to be united. them. . friends in pandemic lockdowns. It a small blessing, therefore, that the year also played great games.

Here are the best players in our Hunters running 2020 season. I have also read 10 best simple chronological books in 2020 and 100 books to be read in 2020.

1. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2

But covetousness great, but old joy rarely gives former happiness to the happy. Enter Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2. Against all odds, this magic remakes the traditional skateboard while recreating for visitors and audiences. Having fun with these sports unlocks the memories of long-forgotten muscles, hunger during sports, the urge to jump on a board, and less comfort during a difficult year. – Peter Allen Clark

2. Fall Guys

What happens when the pokemon minigame Mario Party for Battle Royal and Fortnite gone? Fall Guys, that’s it. The topic of the dangers in our pandemic mission this summer was pleasantly simple, and players often have a higher level of knowledge than they have attempted. Besides, like Animal Crossing, it’s an interesting and logical game that you can easily enjoy – just a joke. Alex Fitzpatrick

3. Microsoft Flight Simulator

The flight simulator series has become Microsoft’s definitive virtual pilot with almost 40 years of experience, providing lots of dramatic and authentic geopolitical flight training, providing a breathable flavor of air in every possible way. The latest entry in the series continues its famous tradition by combining flight physicists with real, absolutely gorgeous graphics and probable facsimiles of Planet Earth to always grace video games with a constant player experience. Challenge yourself to see some of the world’s most impressive commercial rock landings, or your house in the trash, admiring the look of moving ships – your choice. Alex Fitzpatrick

4. Call Of Duty: Warzone

Add to this for free in 2019 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Warzona is a royalty-class Fortnite game with plenty of original ideas and new ideas. Most Fortnite clones come in, but Warzon systems, devices, and devices work regular hours, especially when buying a home in a store the most common time. Infinity Ward is a powerful experience with gameplay changes and new ways to make this game an intense, addictive game. – Peter Allen Clark

5. Mouth And Will Wisps

The main sequel to Lunar Studios’ Ori and Forest of the Forest does exactly what it owes to its predecessor, with a foundation of major building, texture and performance. In the prologue of the game, Ori and countless other characters construct and raise this adorable baby. But disaster strikes when Ori and the baby bird removed. The player then traverses the brilliantly rendered field and turns the beat of the heart into a series of moments in the quest for a reunion. The steep scale of the game compared to its predecessor means that some details lost in the mix, just as the player easily lacks great skills. But creativity seeks new challenges and shrinks. Eliana Dockterman

6. Animal Crossing: New Perspectives

The first spring game lockdowns pandemic: Animal Crossing: The new aspect is a new Nintendo simulator adventure franchise in real life. This time you’re on an island where you (a few living anthropomorphic animals) build a community and pay off your debt to capitalism and the dogs that brought you thither. When you’re building your home with a large multiplayer game community, you can enjoy a powerful “roof-market” with your guests on all the usual shows on the islands. -Patrick Lucas Austin

7. Among Us

Deception the name of the game in Us, a digital Clue in which the imposter “sussing” on your starship mission. Some players, named “Crewmates”, assigned to rebuild the minigami style around the ship, while “Impostor” sets out to paralyze and kill the Crewmates. Someone suspicious? Call back to discuss who the imposter was and place your opinion in a cool vacuum. Amid childish, hand-picked and PG violence, the first game on the internet has been called Ocasio-Cortez for young players who move up the ladder while playing in the US. Part of social decolonization, part of population rule, may be forgiven in 2018, but it’s not surprising that its popularity has been widely reported this year. -Patrick Lucas Austin

8. Last Of Us Part II

The final part of Post-Apocalyptica 2 takes us through many great leaders who even players will be amazed, frustrated and threaten. After the Ellie sequels all grown up and are still immune to the virus that much of humanity has changed into zombies, just like Joel suffers from the moral and judicial consequences of his father’s actions in the first game. Ellie often talks about herself, which a shame, because the creator of the evil dog has historically excelled in building relationships throughout the game, both original and unknown. But her loneliness is wider: as Ellie loses her bond with her husband and is besieged by revenge, at the same time enemies become more refined figures. Four Morales and four players devastated. You will stay for months at the end, if not in the future. Eliana Dockterman

9. Spider-Man: Miles Morales

When you think of Spider-Man, you can think of a nerdy white guy named Peter Parker. But there another weblinger in New York, and this time he takes the crumbs and takes the middle class. Spider-Man: Miles O’Donnell’s Spider-Man hit expands in 2018. Black-Puerto Rican teens shook you in their shoes after he moved from Brooklyn to Harlem, defending the city by hitting it. During the winter months he himself determined to build up and engage the most base games of York, by which friendship and friendship had formed between O’Donnell and his mother, and that he might preserve a new empire in Harlem. state.) ) safe from the wicked. -Patrick Lucas Austin

10. Hades

The so-called “Rogue-like” games that have difficulty, replayability and repetitive deaths have flourished in recent decades, but Hades notes the lowest class yet sub-class. In the creation of this game, the players of Hadesus, the sons of Zagrei, play as they attempt to escape the Greeks from the underworld, while fighting with famous heroes, and relieved by the whole Pantheon. The art stellar, the contest is delightful, and the idea of ​​evolution inspired. Hades reinvents how the story in the game meant to be played over and over again. – Peter Allen Clark

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