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IVR Write For Us: Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated system designed to provide and collect information via phone interactions, enabling access to information services and authorized operations round the clock.

IVR systems typically work in conjunction with Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) systems as part of a comprehensive call flow strategy, aiming to enhance the customer calling experience, reduce costs, and handle high call volumes effectively.

Key functions and features of IVR include:

  • Integration of voice (analog/digital) and data (VoIP) technologies.
  • Automation and streamlining of customer requests through phone interactions.
  • Optimization of employee time.
  • Convenient storage and attachment of recorded conversations as wave files.
  • Real-time information and statistics.
  • Customizable voice prompts and greetings.
  • Support for multilingual speech recognition and synthesis.
  • Voicemail capabilities.
  • Email notifications with attached files.
  • Provision of tailored IVR services.

The open-source solution Asterisk incorporates a powerful IVR system, which can be easily managed with FreePBX. To enhance the benefits of Asterisk’s core solution, you can integrate voice synthesis modules (TTS or Text-To-Speech) or voice recognition (ASR, Automatic Speech Recognition) from manufacturers like Verbio or Loquendo. Additionally, licensed solutions such as the one provided by Dial Applet can further improve Asterisk’s performance in this aspect.

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