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IoT Write for Us: The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the digital interconnection of everyday objects with the internet. This interconnected network includes multiple technologies, such as sensors that connect the physical world to the digital world, computers that process the information, and web platforms that store the data.

The benefits of IoT are manifold, including improved operations, increased security and protection, and enhanced productivity. Additionally, this intelligent network infrastructure provides valuable data insights that can be used to optimize automation and discover new lines of business.

To fully maximize the value of IoT, it should be applied throughout the entire value chain, including design, service, operation, and sales. This involves implementing Connected Products and Connected Manufacturing Processes.

Connected Products offer information on how they are being used, such as appliances and machinery on construction sites. This enables companies to receive valuable feedback directly from users, which can be used to continuously improve the products. By analyzing this information, businesses can identify new opportunities and create innovative products based on customer needs.

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