How To Utilize The 7 Best Features In Zoom

Zoom video software has a lot to offer. Here are some features that can enhance your meetings. The Stone Mountain is one of the most famous objects recently collected. Of all the video recordings available, it was the most popular. That is, education in businesses and institutions grows and grows.

It has a wide range of lines that you can access directly. Most features are hidden in menus you’ve never had access to before. If you’re not familiar with the zoom range, here’s a list of the best zoom features you should know about me.

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Virtual background zoom is one of the best and most unique features. For example, if your room is dirty and you don’t want to see all, you can hide the Virtual Background feature in It. This app lets you choose the places you want to build. You can use custom backgrounds. To add a virtual app to your browser, follow these steps:

  • Open the app settings by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner.
  • Accessibility general zoom setting
  • Choose Background & Filters from the list on the left side and choose the position of your choice. In addition, you can press the icon “+” to display the custom course.
  • This app background & filters setting
  • If you have a green screen, you can choose “I have a green roof” to remove the tunnel carefully.
  • Once completed, you will see the results when you zoom in when you connect to the e-mail.
  • You can also change live video while zoom in on email. To do so, follow these directions below:
  • To zoom in on the call, click on the little button next to the video password.
  • From the submenu, choose Automatically option.
  • Select the virtual-zoom background option
  • You can then choose your course or style by clicking “+” in your course.
  • Once done, you’ll see your accounts, and you’ll be able to exchange them live in the cinema.

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This app also offers many keyboard shortcuts that come available when you don’t want to use your mouse. To check the keyboard shortcuts, head to the Settings app to zoom in and choose an e-mail to the left of the list.
This app keyboard shortcuts

  • If you don’t want to mention them, there are some useful apps that can save you time.
  • Start or stop video: Alt+V (Config+Shift+V on macOS)
  • Mute/Unmute microphone: Alt+A (command+Shift+A on macOS)
  • Change the entire group at the same time: Alt+M (Control+Control+M on macOS)
  • Add your brand: Alt+R (Shift+R Config for Mac OS)
  • Pause/Resume Book screen: Alt+P (Command+Shift+P in macOS)
  • Pause or Resume Screen Sharing: Alt+T (Shift T command on macOS)
  • Switch camera: Alt+N (command+Shift+N on macOS)

Integrate Third Party Apps

It is open to third party additions as well. With the help of third party plugins, you can ease your tasks. For example, you can join Microsoft Teams by using app. For example, you can use third-party plugins to import the transaction.
You can find great pictures in Zoom Forum, which is supported by third party apps. Follow these instructions to add plugin:

  • Open the app, click on Apps from the top menu.
  • Zoom in to my apps section
  • Choose Devices tab and choose which app you want to install and zoom in to your account
  • Zoom in to find the apps section
  • Once selected, click on Add to install applications. The app will be attached to your Zoom account.
  • integration to Asana app


The beauty of your business is when it comes to the video calling profession, but when you usually get home video e-mail, it’s hard to see your face fresh. In such cases, the app comes in hand – touch my face. Touch Spectrum in Zoom Settings This feature loosens the skin, removes the eyes, clouds the orbs, and adorns the face. All of this, with the help of AI, is just right. To accomplish this in Zoom, head to Send Settings and select Video from the list. Touch my face with multiple choices. You can slide to the right and pull to the left to increase the respective effect.

Audio Transcript

If you use one of these tracks in a search session, the zoom feature is handy. Zoom in, write your report and uncheck the .VTT table. Here’s how you’d like to use this feature.

  • Note: You must have an account with Business, Business, Enterprise, or Education System to use this feature.
  • Go to zoom internet (no app). From there, head over to your Profile page.
  • In the left navigation pane, click on Account Management > Account Settings.
  • Zoom in cloud memory menu
  • Choose the Table tab, and close the table with the settings.
  • Once enabled, now zoom in on the map cloud app. This cloud recording comes with the Audio Transcript feature.
  • After completing these meetings, you will receive a notice that says “Your Transcript is now available”.

Breakout Room

When it gets to teaching, Zoom is a good tool. However, it is difficult to handle a larger number of participants. As a result, Zoom comes with Breakout Room to make the task easier for you. Breakout Room on Zoom allow you to care of large group of members and divide them into subgroups if necessary.

After the camera is created, the soldiers assigned to the sub-soldiers for large offices in each sub-group are protected. Bedroom Breakout can accommodate up to 200 members, or you can go for 30 Breakout Rooms with 400 people or even 20 Breakout Rooms with 500 people. Follow these steps below to zoom in on your Breakout Room account.

  • Head over to the Internet Gateway and choose your Profile page to app in.
  • Click Settings from the navigation pane and choose In-Settings (Advanced) from the Tab.
  • Zoom in to log in setting
  • Find the Cell Breakout list and toggle it Off.
  • Zoom Breakout Room settings

Disable Audio/Video When You Join

To avoid other disturbances, there is need for a camera and drive from the rooftops. But take some time to stop. Zoom lets you instantly turn off your camera and mic by joining the log in. Here’s how you do it.

  • Open the app, and tap the Settings icon in the top right corner.
  • Then click Video from the left navigation pane and see video by joining Stop.
  • Zoom in hide my video option
  • Similarly, click Audio in the Table from the navigation pane, and then click the Dump My mic button with the option.
  • This app in on my choice
  • This disables your flashes and cameras automatically when you zoom in the next time you open.
  • Better Zoom in Meetings

Convention app fits with the features listed above. This app is one of the major electronic video contributions app while it offers many lines of video for other contributions. These app brands have separated their competitors and make them better in the online community.

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