The Best WinZip Alternatives

WinZip is a traditional .zip file, and many competitive jokes. Despite its “too untimely” trial, WinZip works even after the trial expires. Thanks to its price, there are many WinZip users who find it difficult to use. There are a lot of free WinZip options out there that function as well, if not better, than the original file extracter. The better news is that options are available for both Windows and Mac, so your platform choices are not restricted. The 5 Best Free WinZip Alternatives in 2022 If you’re looking for an alternative to WinZip, try one of these programs.


7Zip WinZip is probably known, but for some reason. The design is open source and barely more than 1 MB in size. It requires a few resources and due to its open source nature, it is one of the safest options to consider. 7Zip doesn’t give a curious cap. Instead, the windows are offered with a explorer-style window where you can drag and download files into whatever folder you want. The intuitive nature of the software makes it easy to pick up and use, even using it for the first time.

Easy to use

  • Supported archiving of file in several locations
  • Supports high compression levels
  • Allow password protection of folders

You can download 7Zip for free from its website. Versions of Windows, Mac and Linux are available. 7Zip receives continuous updates and has an active community that makes one of the best choices for the WinZip alternative.

Ashampoo Zip Free

Ashampoo Zip Free has only a limited number of free options for users: archive extraction, archive repair, and archive creation. The signs are more serious, but are closed after signing. Some fear that the free course needs to be run and that it is fear. Every function is identified separately. Ashampoo Zip means users don’t have previous experience working with using extractive cooking and easy to use. During your installation you need to sign in.Ashampoo requests your e-mail address. When you do this, you can receive a free active code and cover it. Get a marketing email later.


  • Free archive repair tool
  • beginner friendly
  • different types of interface

Ashampoo Zip Free is available for download from its website. It is only available for Windows 10, 8, 7 — Mac versions are not available.


Like 7Zip, WinRAR is another well-known forged and mop tool. It offers huge and diverse interfaces, but aims at a few basic functions: Add, Extract, Test, Serial and Restoration. It also provides an inquiry function.
Function Test: Allows you to check corrupting files and other errors. The Task View allows you to peek inside the folder before you open it and open other messages, such as the ability to scan viruses. You can also add snippets to be self-editing, allowing you to create or extract new documents. One particularly useful notation is the Wizard function, which leads new users to walk through the process of extracting images from a folder, as well as using other tools. WinRAR software is technically released, but its free trial doesn’t prevent you from getting out of time. It just aggressively warns you to upgrade the version of the solution on startup.


  • Fully-featured free version
  • beginner guide
  • Powerful functionality

There is no Mac-WinRAR version, though the options are Mac-focused. You can download WinRAR directly from the company page here .

Pea Zip

When using Pea Zip, look for all the main functions from the file extractor, but include several separate notes. The first number of secret choices is available. Pea Zip offers powerful encryption options, two-factor authentication, and more.
Like many other options in this list, Pea Zip is an open source and voluntary source supported program. It works on various devices, though it doesn’t work for Mac. Linux version is available if you’d like to use one. You can choose to compress files into more than ten different forms, and then choose whether you want to prioritize programs that want compression speed or efficiency. Pea Zip offers a huge amount of services at no price, and no features to log in. be silent

paywall. Pros:

  • Huge number of compression options
  • Privacy-focused
  • Open source


Unarchive is a simple, barebones file to complete for Mac that has no interface. It integrates extraction tools into basic navigation, but provides a large list of compatible file forms. It also works on Amiga packages. You can find it in the Mac App store.
The program automatically detects the file type, but you can add a safe threshold to the next parameter of the function. In other words, you can place it high or low to guarantee the correct operation you want. You can create other options using the drawing table below. Though the software lacks other features and features, Unarchive is the best option for Mac users who need simple, no-frills extracting.


  • Simple to install
  • no interface

The best Mac-only file extractor is 7Zip with a wide margin. When there are eight or more programs, they have a few reports and a history that 7Zip provides. If you’re looking for Mac-focused programs, use 7Zip or Unarchive.

Select a WinZip Alternative that Works for You

Each WinZip phone needs a good one. There can be more options on this list than WinZip – at least more choices with notes. Take the time to use these programs (free after all) and pick the best one for you.

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